Post Divorce

Unfortunately, disputes occur after the entry of the decree, final parenting plan, and child support order. This is more likely to occur when couples go through a divorce, legal separation, third party custody or paternity action without the assistance of legal counsel. Often, when parties finalize those types of proceedings on their own, important post divorce issues are not addressed in the final legal documents.

The following are common post divorce proceedings:

Contempt proceedings: When one party fails to comply with a child support order, parenting plan, or decree of dissolution or legal separation, the party in compliance may commence a contempt action and seek sanctions and fees.

If you are responding to a motion for an order to hold you in contempt, or believe you should initiate a contempt proceeding to force your ex-spouse or the other parent to comply with the order, our firm is available to assist you through that process.

Modifications: Orders for spousal maintenance or child support may be modified if certain statutory criterion is met. Additionally, parenting plans or residential schedules may be modified if there are substantial and un-contemplated changes of circumstances. Un-wed parents may also find themselves involved with child support and custody disputes that result in petitions to modify child support orders and residential schedules. Our firm has successfully represented the interests of clients who petition for modification and those who are compelled to respond to those petitions.

Relocation proceedings: In Washington State a parent who wishes to relocate must provide the other parent formal notice of their intent to do so. The parent receiving the notice has a limited period of time to seek a court order restraining the other parent from moving. Thereafter, the court will consider certain statutory factors to determine whether or not the relocation will be permitted. The relocation of one parent, especially if that parent is the primary residential parent, will have substantial impact upon all members of the family, and will likely require significant modifications to the parenting plan in effect. Our firm is available to assist you through this process whether you are the parent seeking to relocate or the parent who received the notification and wish to object.

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