Divorce, Separation, Annulment

Deciding to file for a divorce or legal separation is a very difficult thing to do. Often, people are conflicted by feelings of guilt and/or disloyalty to their spouses, and fluctuate between feeling sad or angry; this is normal for all of us... having a reliable and knowledgeable legal advisor is helpful in steering a steady course through your dissolution.

I understand that each client has his or her own special practical and emotional needs as they go through this process. My firm has established relationships with many professionals in the community, (counselors, therapists, forensic accountants, appraisers, parenting evaluators, financial advisors), to whom I regularly refer clients for services not provided by my firm which may be essential to your case. Such referrals may be made at the onset or as your matter moves forward.

I fully understand the enormity of the emotional and financial toll a divorce can take on all members of the family, and will pay careful attention to all aspects of your case. I know the importance of direct and regular communication with my clients, ensuring that their wishes are understood and followed.

My approach is tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of your unique situation. Though my firm promises to aggressively pursue a resolution to your dissolution action in the litigation arena, we also provide comprehensive mediation services to pursue a resolution of your disputed issues via agreement.

I will confidently handle every aspect of any family law disputes, including child support, child custody, residential schedules, distribution of community assets and liabilities, alimony/spousal maintenance, and post dissolution disputes resulting in petitions to modify custody or child support, relocation, child support enforcement, and contempt actions.

Document Checklist:

In preparation for your initial consultation, it is important to gather as much factual information as possible. Please be informed that it is common for non-filing spouses to conceal, destroy, or alter information upon learning their wife or husband is seeking a divorce. Here is a list of documents critical for our initial consultation:

1. Domestic contracts: (prenuptial agreement, community property agreement, separation agreement).

2. Employer: The name, address, and telephone number of your employer and your spouses' employer, the dates of employment and employment positions.

3. Federal tax returns: Past two years including W-2s for you and your spouse.

4. Legal Proceedings: any legal proceedings between you and your spouse involving the children

5. Pay Statements: both you and your spouse for the past 6 months

6. Retirement Statements: most recent statements for both you and your spouse

7. Life Insurance Policies/Statements: for both you and your spouse

8. Bank Statements: for both you and your spouse for the past year

9. Credit Card Statements: most recent statements for both you and your spouse

10. Vehicle Loan Statements: for all vehicles in you or your spouses name

11. Mortgage Statement: your most recent mortgage statements for all properties

12. Restraining Orders: copies of any past restraining orders issued

13. Other: Your attorney will be a less effective advocate if she is not aware of all of the facts or information related to your case. You must be willing to provide your attorney with all information that may impact your case, including histories of drug or alcohol abuse, domestic violence, criminal, or other forms of abuse.

Information you provide your attorney is protected by the attorney/client privilege if you do not waive that privilege via your own disclosure.

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